Universal Lending’s Wholesale Division

What happens when you blend professional relationships, common sense underwriting, competitive compensation, business knowledge built on years’ of experience, and a solid corporation and leadership team serving as the backbone to the business?

You create a top wholesale mortgage lending businesses with a reputation that undergirds every discussion you have and every decision you make.

This is the Universal Lending Wholesale Division. We may not be the lowest price, but that’s because you get what you pay for. With Universal Lending, you get the best.

Relationships and Support

Everyone knows after the initial papers are signed, the real work begins. Our Business Relationship Managers take the work of getting a loan completed. We guide our brokers in getting the paperwork right, we ask the right questions, we fill in the missing blanks, and we make sure that – from start to finish – getting a home loan is as seamless as possible. That way our business partners can get back to building their business faster.

For people who like to add value, make a difference, and make people’s dreams of homeownership come true, Universal Lending is the perfect fit.

Adding value is easy for us. Our Wholesale Division is made up of a team that has decades of experience with Universal Lending. While other mortgage professionals move from company to company, our team recognizes that value-added, integrity, and sustainability are more important than new, shiny and unproven. They have become experts in understanding regulatory changes and government oversight. Where others have seen only obstacles, the Universal Lending team has accepted the challenge and learned how to work with these ever-changing rules, professionally, ethically and efficiently.

Common Sense Underwriting

We are recognized as an industry leader for our expertise and speed in handling every type of loan, while excelling at making the more detail-necessary loans easy. 

And because our underwriting team is housed with us, we talk to them directly and immediately to get answers to any questions, and ensure that we are getting the proper documentation needed to keep the process moving forward. In addition, we remind our partners that we are a Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae direct lender.

Competitive Compensation

Universal Lending’s unique compensation package for our Wholesale Division team means that you are compensated above the industry standard. Why? Because we know that our team is adding value to each sale. It’s not just closing a deal. You are making a difference from start to finish.

Operations, Marketing and Technology

No company can sustain and grow without a strong support system. Our operations and marketing teams and our state-of-the-art technology help to keep Universal Lending running smoothly behind the scenes, while staying top-of-mind in the marketplace. The most professional, easy-to-use and hands-on systems make staying focused on your business relationships easy. 

The Leadership Team

Universal Lending’s Leadership Team brings unparalleled energy and the wisdom of experience built through years of working within an industry that has undergone unprecedented changes. These team members have all persevered through the ebbs, flows and tidal waves that make up the mortgage industry, remaining steadfast to their integrity and strong business ethics, ensuring that borrowers achieve their dreams of responsible and affordable homeownership.

The Universal Lending Wholesale Division does not provide the cheapest loans. We provide the best loans. Our loans will stand up to any scrutiny and are closed on time. We provide a high level of customer service and add value every step of the way.

We don’t make a sale and say, “Do it yourself.” We say, “Thank you. I’ll take it from here.” That is why we are the Universal Lending Wholesale Division.


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Universal Lending Corporation was founded over 30 years ago on the principle that our customers deserve individual and specialized attention throughout the mortgage process. This is why we have one of the highest rates of repeat borrowers in the business. Our mortgage professionals embrace our passion for customer care, and educate and empower each potential home buyer throughout the entire process, so they make informed, considerate decisions that ensure their home mortgages fit their budgets ...

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