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Our Onboarding Manager Corinne DeHerrera makes it easy for loan officers to make the move to Universal Lending. As a licensed loan officer, Corinne handles the details of the loans you currently have in your pipeline, so you can continue to share the news about your move to Universal Lending with your referral partners and continue to build your relationships with borrowers.


As your onboarding support, Corinne

  • Takes loan applications and takes care of your borrowers until you join Universal Lending full time.
  • Coordinates with the Marketing Department to get started on moving your databases so you can begin marketing right away.
  • Coordinates with Compliance Department to transfer and/or complete your licensing requirements.
  • Coordinates the setup of your office space.
  • Coordinates onboarding meetings so you can meet department heads and/or team members and train on our LOS.
  • Gets you quick answers to any questions you have, and teaches you where to go for future questions.


If you’re ready to make your move to Universal Lending, Corinne is ready to make the process easier.

When my team and I came on board with Universal, the transition and the training was outstanding.  Everyone is willing to help the new people out and help us walk thru the maze that sometimes is the mortgage business.  Even after we were here for a few weeks something would come up and we got the help within minutes many times.  This is an outstanding team that helps the new guys make it happen.

Thank you Universal Lending Home Loans

 ~ Frank Giuliano


The onboarding process with Universal Lending is amazing.  I had a large pipeline coming into ULC and my clients were taken such good care of.  I really did not miss a beat switching over to ULC.  The process was seamless and easy for myself and my clients.  

~ Kim L. Martin


I’d been with my other company for nine years and I was nervous about fitting in and whether or not I could learn the systems. It was overwhelming but because everyone was so friendly and eager to help, I wasn’t afraid anymore. Everyone made me feel as if I’d been there for years; I suddenly had this enormous family who really cared. It made any obstacle seem small and learning came easier than usual because I had the support.

 ~ Jan Giuliano


When I started in the industry I was given a computer, a login, and told good luck. I was so green and scared out of my mind. When it came time to switch companies one of my biggest fears was starting over again. But ULC and Corrine made that transition so easy for me. I was given an opportunity to sit down with the head of each department and shown a true interest in launching my business. I was able to personally discuss concerns about everything that had given me some fear and left assured I made the right decision.

 ~ Josh Williams


Universal Lending Corporation was founded over 30 years ago on the principle that our customers deserve individual and specialized attention throughout the mortgage process. This is why we have one of the highest rates of repeat borrowers in the business. Our mortgage professionals embrace our passion for customer care, and educate and empower each potential home buyer throughout the entire process, so they make informed, considerate decisions that ensure their home mortgages fit their budgets ...

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