Post Closing Emma

Emma Cody, Post Closing Manager


Homeowners and other customers and business partners rarely see what happens after they close on their loan. And at Universal Lending we want to keep it that way.

After a loan has closed, our Post Closing team goes to work.

They make sure all of the final documentation is returned to us from the title companies, get the loans to the banks, get the files audited, send loans to investors and monitor unpurchased loans. Post Closing makes sure that each loan is perfect and investor-ready.

We are proud of our Post Closing team’s work, the relationships they maintain within Universal Lending and with our banking and investing partners. They exemplify the professionalism of our mortgage process, every step of the way – even when no one is looking. 


Universal Lending Corporation was founded over 30 years ago on the principle that our customers deserve individual and specialized attention throughout the mortgage process. This is why we have one of the highest rates of repeat borrowers in the business. Our mortgage professionals embrace our passion for customer care, and educate and empower each potential home buyer throughout the entire process, so they make informed, considerate decisions that ensure their home mortgages fit their budgets ...

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